Hello There!

Glad to see you! Let me tell you what we are all about.

Yes it’s another food site….! The wonderful food blogs and cooking sites offering millions of recipes are uncountable. The possibilities are never ending to find out what to cook tonight! It’s never been easier. 🙂

We are still determined to create a special corner in this community. The purpose of this site is to provide to you a wide range of truly Super Healthy Recipes made with the least possible processed food. We aren’t big fans of preservatives and additives!

What you will find here are the best, healthiest meals from all over the world. Whether you follow any special diet: low-calories, low-carbs, low-fat, high protein, vegetarian, vegan, gluten/diary free, paleo etc. or just simply wish to cook and eat healthy… you will certainly find suitable meal ideas!

We have only one House Rule: 400/50/20

About Super Healthy Cooking - House Rules 400-50-20

Eat well: fresh products in moderate portions at the right time!

We suggest to follow this timetable:

About Super Healthy Cooking - Food Intake by CourseFor the nutrition analysis we used the SELF Nutrition Data>>

Eating Healthy doesn’t have to feel like punishment. You will discover a whole lot of new tastes and you don’t have to forget about desserts either!

Changing your cookbook will be an adventure. Let us invite you in!

– Super Healthy Cooking –